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 mother's scream

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Sharifa Ibn-La'ahad


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PostSubject: mother's scream   Mon Apr 30, 2012 3:37 am

Sharifa was still hesitating going back to the mansion. she needed to sort herself out before reappearing.

something wasn't right for her. her bonds with her family was flaring up a little and making her restless and antsy. she hadn't slept in a long time and looked a little haggared, and she was loosing her appetite as well, for both blood and human food.

Altair was restless as well, shifting on Shar's shoulder.

she was walking through a quiet park, trying to think things through, looking up at the pale moon. tonight, it didn't feel comforting...more foreboading, especially with the quite of the night...not even the night craetures making a noise.

suddenly, as she reached a large pond's edge, a sharp pain shot through her, her eyes going wide as she hunched forwards.

images flashed through the bond, and she suddenly felt a few missing.

oh god no....this didn't just happen!!!

she clutched her heart and put a hand to her forehead, in shock as she fell to her knees, still slightly hunched.

her heart beat painfully, eyes wide and tears welled up before falling down her face as her mouth moved like a gaping fish, not quite breathing or doing anything.

eventually, once it all hit home, her face scrunched up, eyes closed tightly as she gritted her teeth before slamming her hands down into the soil and tilted her head back as she screamed at the wordless cry of pain at the top of her voice, the noise echoing in the empty spaces of the still night

she sobbed and yelled again before tilting her head back down, still screaming in the sheer agony of what had just happened
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Gabriel deGaulle


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PostSubject: Re: mother's scream   Mon Apr 30, 2012 4:12 am

Gabriel strolled through the park, enjoying the fresh scent of the dewy grass, for once, the italian air seeming pleasant and cool upon his skin.

A scream.

A shiver ran down his neck, and he ran towards the source of the noise, darting between the trees. Ahead of him, he could see a figure, collapsed on the floor. He approached carefully, slowly, not wishing to startle the woman. He wet his lips, uncertain of what to say. If anything at all. Reassurance was not exactly his strong point. Maybe I should ask if she's ok? he thought. Then decided not to. A bit of a stupid question.

He merely sat down quietly beside her, waiting for her to notice him. He did not touch her. Normally he was a tactile person, but it was risky when he did not know her all that well.
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Sharifa Ibn-La'ahad


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PostSubject: Re: mother's scream   Mon Apr 30, 2012 4:42 am

Sharifa dug her fingers into the dirt, biting back the shouts of agony that tried to tear through her throat.

trying to calm her breathing, she soon felt a presence next to her, and smelt the familiar scent of the not-so-new commer, Gabriel if she remembered correctly.

she sat back on her feet, looking up at the sky as she took deep breaths to calm herself. the tears still ran down her face, and ever beat of her heart ached terribly, knowing she had just lost parts of her world, and she wasn't there to stop it happening.

the images flashed through her mind again of what had happened, making her close her eyes again.

she saw the images of Lycans...strays or outcasts of a pack, trying to form a new one. they had sensed that the Coven Leader, Sharifa, wasn't on her home turf, so had taken opportunity to attack. the images that went through her head consisted of ed, the scent of blood, sounds of barks and hisses, and the feeling of bond being snapped alognside the bones and necks of her coven members that had been lost.

opening her eyes again, she turned her gaze over to Gabriel, looking so destroyed and....young.

sorry.....sorry you had to see that..........

her voice was croaky from the held back tears and from shouting.

her eyes still shone with the tears that fell down her cheeks as she turned to look back out at the horizon with empty eyes.

ALtair, the Eagle, settled on her shoulder and nuzzled her face affectionately

he was happy that someone was around Sharifa.....if she was alone now....he didn't know what would happen
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PostSubject: Re: mother's scream   

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mother's scream
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