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 What Happens In Chat

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Aleksandr Trabukos


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PostSubject: Re: What Happens In Chat   Tue May 14, 2013 6:42 am

BeeTheDolphin: Chester, you've just become an attraction :'D
BeeTheDolphin: its a case of 'hey, hey, Ly, come see what I jsut did. Isnt it pretty? Wanna touch it? I bet you do. Go on, touch it. Play with this thing I jsut did!'
Artifer: pfffft
BeeTheDolphin: That is Alek's inner monologue, I have decided
BeeTheDolphin: Alek has decided, Ly can go fuck himself if he doesnt want Chester :'D End of story
BeeTheDolphin: chester is teh special little snowflake that gets to take home the gold
BeeTheDolphin: Have you watched Interview With a Vampire?
Artifer: yush
BeeTheDolphin: remember the scene where Claudia was showing off the two dead boys to Lestat?
Artifer: mhm
BeeTheDolphin: "Now, dont be mad, when I saw them I knew they were for you"
BeeTheDolphin: That adorable...adorableness in which she said it
BeeTheDolphin: All Im picturing right now is Alek saying something similar to Ly about Chess >>
BeeTheDolphin: With the adorable tone and actions and all
BeeTheDolphin: what is my fucking mind OTL

Yes... This really happened in my mind.
...And Yes, Alek was wearing a bonnet and a dress...

Dont judge me >>
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Blood Buddy

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PostSubject: Re: What Happens In Chat   Tue Sep 24, 2013 10:58 pm

When Bee claims people~

BeeTheDolphin: Dontforgetyoubelongtome=-=
BeeTheDolphin: I have claimed your ass
Artifer: Q-Q
Artifer: //isclaimed
BeeTheDolphin: Arty, I claimed you many moons ago
Artifer: Oh?
BeeTheDolphin: muhkittehe //patpatstrokes
Artifer: In that case I demand a collar!
Artifer: With a little bell!
BeeTheDolphin: Verydoable~
BeeTheDolphin: You like muh pretty collar yes? Wouldnt take much to ad a pretty bell :'D
Artifer: tis a pretty collar
BeeTheDolphin: then you can has that collar and you now belong to me
BeeTheDolphin: sorry Peppy :'D
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PostSubject: Re: What Happens In Chat   Sat Jan 11, 2014 11:11 am

Drudrew: both of those characters omg so cuteeeee
Renspacecaptain: BAWW THOSE ARE ADORABLE!!
Drudrew: and that's when i was like "oh fuck am i a furrie?"
Renspacecaptain: well it doesn't nessisarily mean you're a furry if you're attracted to that picture, I mean those are humanoid creatures in a sexual situation~ Like I think humanoid monsters are HOT UNF but idk if that makes me monstersexual, and if it does then hell yeah bring it e3e
Drudrew: haha, oh ren, you're awesome.
Renspacecaptain: As are you Drew as are you TuT
Drudrew: even though i get turned on by adorable people-dogs wanting to have sex.
Renspacecaptain: Because keyword there is "people". People get boners all the time for aliens and monsters and robots and shit for one reason: They still look and function like people so the person part of you is still attracted to the people part of the situation. Throw a pair of dog ears on anything and it'll be cute, so you're just conbinding cute with sexy nbd~ Doesn't mean you wanna fuck a dog because a dog doesn't have the human element. Same with a toaster, you wouldn't fuck a toaster, but if there is a robot that looks and functions like a person who just so happens to be extremely attractive as well as make toast out of their ass then yeah I'd fuck that shit. I hope I don't sound completely psychotic OTL
Drudrew: oh my god no you don't you sound like jesus.
Renspacecaptain: I've only turned water into wine like, twice, I don't think I'm lady jesus
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Rizzo Iademarco


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Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: What Happens In Chat   Sat Aug 08, 2015 11:52 pm

artifer (5:41:51 AM): do everything that Cade wont and look like trhe good guy
azzierose (5:42:13 AM): Drew told me that Rizz isn't going to be happy in a few more posts orzzz
artifer (5:42:24 AM): uh oh
azzierose (5:42:26 AM): So long as he doesn't kill Rizz I gave him free-reign... I already regret this.
artifer (5:42:39 AM): Em may intervene if things get nasty
azzierose (5:43:16 AM): Do things ever not get nasty!?!?
azzierose (5:43:30 AM): *Points to every Gerhard thread I've read*
artifer (5:44:50 AM): true...
azzierose (5:46:52 AM): How evil is it that I'm a little excited?
azzierose (5:47:16 AM): On a scale from Tahir to Gerhard, tell me how evil I am for that OTL
artifer (5:48:03 AM): Cy.
azzierose (5:49:02 AM): THAT'S PRETTY EVIL OTLLL
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Tahir Sijistani


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PostSubject: Re: What Happens In Chat   Thu Aug 13, 2015 12:58 am

artifer: got work tomorrow v.v

azzierose: well one more post? qvq

artifer: okies

azzierose: I'm almost posted >3<

artifer: 1 more

BeeTheDolphin: //stage whisper// Azzie, while's he's distracted writing a post, 'll go get the handcuffs

azzierose: omg

artifer: saw that

azzierose: I'll uh... seduce him?

artifer: .....

artifer: yeah thatll work

azzierose: knew it eve

artifer: -_-

artifer: Grow a willy first then we'll talk

azzierose: //Seductivly puts on strap on

artifer: hmmmm. that could work

azzierose: //seductivly helicopters said strap-on

BeeTheDolphin: ...

azzierose: e//v//e

artifer: I am seduced

azzierose: \ovo/
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Martin Prescott


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Age : 200

PostSubject: Re: What Happens In Chat   Fri Aug 14, 2015 4:48 am

BeeTheDolphin: we're gonna end up not being able to understand each other t all, are we?
Thu Aug 13, 10:35:33am
BeeTheDolphin: We'll have different names for everything
Thu Aug 13, 10:35:35am
azzierose: yeah there are hard shells and soft shells XD
Thu Aug 13, 10:35:46am
azzierose: Naww, we've communicatd just fine so far...
Thu Aug 13, 10:36:11am
BeeTheDolphin: when we've had the internet to show each other pictures
Thu Aug 13, 10:36:23am
BeeTheDolphin: "This is what I mean" //googles
Thu Aug 13, 10:36:50am
azzierose: When we talk about all the nasty bdsm things were going to do, we're talking about helping homeless peoplle right? That's what American's mean when they say "I'm gonn spank you good". We're taling about feeding hobos.
Thu Aug 13, 10:37:21am
BeeTheDolphin: ohgoddd, dont even talk about hobos. Theres one really weird one that hangs around Paignton sometimes
Thu Aug 13, 10:37:33am
azzierose: Aww, poor hobo.
Thu Aug 13, 10:38:04am
azzierose: Most hobos are super nice and chill. Only met one scary one who was snorting cociane off the floor of a subway.
Thu Aug 13, 10:38:51am
azzierose: And when I say Subway, I'm talking about the sandwhich place, not the train place. OTL
Thu Aug 13, 10:39:29am
BeeTheDolphin: hah, the werd guy Im talking about hangs around outside Subway
Thu Aug 13, 10:40:22am
azzierose: yOU HAVE subways in UK?
Thu Aug 13, 10:40:41am
BeeTheDolphin: He sits there with a didgeridoo telling people that for a couple of quid he'll recreate their first sexual experience with aforementioned instrument
Thu Aug 13, 10:40:54am
azzierose: oh my fuckingGOD WAHT?!
Thu Aug 13, 10:40:58am
BeeTheDolphin: yeah
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Gerhard Holl


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PostSubject: Re: What Happens In Chat   Sun May 07, 2017 3:07 am


anon8973: Goodness Arty, not even a hi from you T_T
artifer: o-o
artifer: Hi?
BeeTheDolphin: its Azzie twathead
anon8973: e-e
artifer: D: How was I meant to say hi when I didn't know you were there!>
anon8973: Haha you must have just rejoined the chat~ I'm on my tablet. ;D
artifer: =-= I just got out of the shower
anon8973: I talked to you though //poke poke//
artifer: where??
BeeTheDolphin: IM sorry, all I saw there was 'where did you poke me?'
anon8973: //points up// I said that this thread is scaring me X'D
BeeTheDolphin: Im laughing
artifer: I see it!
artifer: sorry I was afk :s
anon8973: haha it's okay... also Bee you're such a cutie platoot
anon8973: or patoot even...
BeeTheDolphin: Im a very proud platoot
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PostSubject: Re: What Happens In Chat   

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What Happens In Chat
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