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 [M] A Night Out To Remember

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PostSubject: Re: [M] A Night Out To Remember   Fri Oct 26, 2012 6:12 am

He kissed the man's forehead softly as his hands stroked through his hair, caressing him tenderly.

Belial's eyes slid shut as he pulled the Lycan close and held him to his chest, Zakhar was well and truly his now and he had no intentions of letting the man stray too far from him for the next few days.

One of his hands slid down the man's back, stroking him softly. They had both earned a rest and Belial was not going to move anymore tonight, he couldn't if he wanted to at the moment.
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Zakhar Avdeyev


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PostSubject: Re: [M] A Night Out To Remember   Fri Oct 26, 2012 6:27 am

Zakhar purred, back arching into the hand stroking him gently. He seemed very much like a dog looking for praise in that moment.

If he had a tail it'd be wagging.

Tonight had bought the two of them together.

Through all the torture and tears, Zakhar felt that his relationship with Belial was much stronger than it was earlier that day. Before all this had happened he hadn't really cared much for the male side of Belial. He had been used to pull a nasty trick and he hadn't trusted him much.

As unreasonable as it sounded, he had trusted the female side of the Demon more. Lia had shown him kindness beyond that of Belial. But now he felt that he could trust them equally.

Zakhar curled up, giving a little yawn as he settled down to sleep. He needed it. The Lycan was exhausted.
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[M] A Night Out To Remember
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