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 Our final moments with CdS

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Taylor 'Sparrow' Longwood


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PostSubject: Our final moments with CdS   Fri Nov 09, 2012 9:16 pm

Taylor was sitting quietly at the base of an abbandoned building in a forgotten district, smoking quietly and watching the smoke coil upwards as she waited.

The moon was high, the sky clear, and the wind gentle and cool in the balmy night.

Taylor sighed heavily and closed her eyes, memories of her time running through her head.

She'd found a family...but they were now starting a new one without her.
Taylor was happy for them and wished them the best of luck, but felt she wasn't needed any more.

Moe had grown up into a confident young woman and would continue to grow with Zeke, who'd mellowed out considerably after finding his mate.

However, she'd faced enough hostility there to last her another life time and an ageing...Her supposed RnR turned out to be a constant battle.

After her latest 2 Cold Bounties completed, she decided to move on, with her three new apprentices.

Kenny came walking down the road with the Twins walking beside her, Ana and Dmitri's hands interlocked.

They were Taylor's new apprentices, and she smiled softly at them.

After the last bounty, with the dragon, she grew close to them and they showed a great potential.

She would quite happily work with her new family.

Kenny grinned at Taylor and the twins smiled.

The had each left a letter to those that they cared about, explaining that they'd left, feeling that they were no longer safe around there, and that they hoped they would be safe themselves and stay happy. but they needed to leave.

Taylor was restless, Kenny wanted to continue traveling and wanted to find something to nullify a bond with Sire so she wouldn't feel the pull to continuously go back, and the Twins felt safe with Taylor and Kenny, like siblings looking after them, and wanted to sort out their own issues as well.

"Set to go?" Taylor asked, standing up,

The others nodded and grinned.

Taylor smiled, and then they all headed off, Taylor taking up her status as Blue Sparrow once more, now a Master Bounty Hunter and free to do as will.

She still had the goal to become the best...and maybe even find the reincarnation to Kyler.

Kenny could find that gem to use so she could go out in sunlight and be of more use.

The Twins now had someone to look up to, no Pack Bonds other than to their traveling companions, and a chance to restart, to clear up their past and set their heads straight.


To whomever may read this,

This is from Taylor, Kenny, and Anastasia and Dmitri.

We've written this to inform you that we have left and not coming back.
We don't feel safe here, nor wanted. We seem to only cause trouble.

We have only gotten scars for our trouble and maybe a few good memories that won't be forgotten, but we've over stayed our welcome.

We wish you the best of luck with your lives and hope you continue to live in happyness.

(Taylor: Moe and Zeke....I'm sorry I'm not here to see the pups. I'm sure they're beautiful. They have the best of parents. It won't seem like it, but I'll do my best to protect them from a distance by keeping hunters away from the mansion. good luck with parenthood.)

So we wish you the best of luck.


Taylor Longwood.

Kenny Swenhaugen.

Anastasia Romanov.

Dmitri Romanov.
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Kwon Jingyo


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PostSubject: Re: Our final moments with CdS   Mon Nov 12, 2012 1:34 am

Jingyo had made the decision to return home. It was a hard decision to make, for he had truly come to love Cacciatori di Sangue, but he felt Korea calling him. He wasn't one for good-bye's; Never had been--but he made sure to leave a note under Rico's pillow.

He walked away and didn't look back.

In the distance he could see some figures. Taylor's blue hair became visible in the moonlight and he smiled fondly, his walk speeding to a jog as he called out,

"Hey, wait for me."
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Alexander Drago


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PostSubject: Re: Our final moments with CdS   Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:19 pm

Alexander, sitting on the spire once more had been there for days, a cooler of blood by his side in case he got hungry.

he had been their for about a week, reflecting on past events and how CdS had affe ted people.

he was snapped out of his deep thoughts when he noticed movement from bellow, it was taylor, a newly aquired friend. he was about to go greet her when he noticed what she was doing, leaving.

he sighed but came to the conclusion that it was her choice and so instead left her a little parting gift in her pocket, a vial of dragons blood, delivered by one of his doubles and a small letter he had prepared for everyone.

Dear taylor,

i know we didnt get off to a good start but im glad we were slightly closer now.
I dontknow why your leaving but i wish you all the best, take care and remember if shit hits the fan just burn the blood.

yours sincerly

Alexander Drago
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PostSubject: Re: Our final moments with CdS   

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Our final moments with CdS
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