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 Role-Play Tip of the Day III~

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Orion Astila


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PostSubject: Role-Play Tip of the Day III~   Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:23 am

Heya all and welcome to another


(Dodododododododooo! (<----Theme tune))

The tip I want to share to you guys today is Live Events: Multiple Characters.

We previously had a tip from our very own Lilim about linking forums and live events, but this one is different. Here I will give you a tip on how to join a live event with more than one character at a time~

Firstly you should know how to join a live event at all. This involves simply showing up and using your characters Chatango account for any role-play within the live event chatbox. You should register a Chatango account for each role-play character (If you run out of email addresses to sign up with, put in a bogus one, they do not care.)

Now, you may notice that if you open up more than one page with the same chatbox in, your character will be signed in all of them. Here are a few tips to help multi role-playing without signing in and out all of the time!

1. The first way to do this would be to open multiple tabs with the chatbox on and sign out the character on one tab and sign in with another. This will allow you to role-play with multiple characters easily, but beware, if you refresh the page it will sign you into your most recently signed in character and you may post as the wrong person!

2. If you refresh frequently and do not want to keep signing in and out of the tabs, try opening different browsers. If you have three characters and you wish to attend a live event with all three, open the chatbox in three different browsers.

E.g. Chrome = Sign in as Orion
Explorer = Sign in as Lyssum
Firefox = Sign in as Calista

This means I can then re-size the windows so I can see all three and post with all three at the same time without having to change who I am signed in as. The only problem with this is that you have to remember which window is signed in to which character, you don't want to reply with the wrong one! <3

I hope this helped someone. If you have any tips you would like to share with your fellow Role-Players, feel free to create a new topic and share!


~Who doesn't love a long haired Irishman? Love

(( If I don't reply to your posts but I do to others it is only because I have not yet thought of what to write Smile I will get to it when I do Dance Also, if I promised to start a thread but have not yet done so, It is the same story, I have no idea on how to start it Smile ))
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Role-Play Tip of the Day III~
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