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 Escape London! [C]

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Walterus Macellar

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PostSubject: Escape London! [C]   Thu Aug 07, 2014 4:54 pm

Amos had been in Walterus's care for a short while now, but Walter had been making plans to breech the city and escape.

Day in and Day out he had been more and more miserable here. It was different when he was on his own. But now, with this little one in his care, he knew he had to get out.

He sat the boy down one night after feeding him some fowl and looked at him with a serious expression.

"Vampire, we need to speak of something important." He said, his face serious. He took one of the little boys hand's in his own, Amos's other hand holding onto his stuffed bunny tight.
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Amos Cyril

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PostSubject: Re: Escape London! [C]   Thu Aug 07, 2014 5:03 pm

Amos licked his lips softly, sucking on his teeth to clean them of blood, he knew well enough that Walterus didn't like it when his fangs were bloody.

"What is it?"

He asked softly, looking up at the man with bright eyes as he placed his rabbit beside him on the seat, snuggling him close.

Amos was still a little scared of the Lycan, he always seemed so grumpy.
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Escape London! [C]
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