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 random meetings (anyone welcome of any species)

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Gabriel Santiago


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PostSubject: random meetings (anyone welcome of any species)   Sat Dec 13, 2014 11:20 pm

Gabriel was just relaxing on the edges of the forest, Shanook lolling around on his back, tongue hanging out and simply enjoying the sunshine.

Gabriel was just smoking a cigar quietly and leaning back against a tree, shirt off and hair down, enjoying the sunshine quietly and rubbing Shanook's white belly and making his tail beat against he ground.

The man was gradually beginning to feel the bonds of the other Lycans, some stronger than others, and was aware of the bods of his Alpha and Beta in particular.

It's a strange...but comforting sensation. The wolf in him was content and relaxed now, no longer pining.

Gabriel took off his shirt to fully appreciate the sunshine, his hispanic nature meaning he was a sun addict.

with his shirt off, you could see the scars he'd recived from his Turning, and other faded one's from his time on the farm and the likes.

The more prominant ones were from the occasional fight he got into, but there weren't too many of them because he was such a peaceful soul.

Though he was a Lycan, he was so passive and relaxed because of the way he was raised. His father taught him how to fight, and how to control his temper and generally stay away from fights as the second you engage in a fight is the time you've lost your high ground of trying to not get hurt in the first place.

Sometimes it's unavoidable, but for the most part, Gabriel worked on keeping away from fights. What's the point in them? Pointless bravado? Self centered Pride?

He was once a humble Farm boy that was going to take over the farm and hopefully raise a family or find love back in Spain. but that dream was taken with his Turning.

Not only where there scars decorating his skin, but many dark tattoos with Spanish origin, with passages from the bible that held meaning to him, revolver tattoos on his chest, and many others Spanish designs and words all with meaning to him decorating his arms chest and back.

He was a man with a long history, but maybe not such a dark one as many would think.
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random meetings (anyone welcome of any species)
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