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Welcome, dear Coven-Members, to our mansion~
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 retracing memories - Empty halls (O)

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Alexander Drago


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PostSubject: retracing memories - Empty halls (O)   Fri Jan 27, 2017 1:18 pm

After returning to the mansion Alexander dropped his stuff into his old room and then headed out for a walk.

it was quiet, more quiet than he remembered. it felt empty now adays. as he strolled through the many corridors he let his mind wonder.... faint, stale scents still holding on through time. some were unfamiliar, but some... they reminded him of the past both good and bad.

his stroll slowed in pace to a slow crawl, lost in his own thoughts it was unlikely he would notice if he passed by someone if they did speak and snap him out of it.
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retracing memories - Empty halls (O)
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