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 Content on CDS

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PostSubject: Content on CDS   Mon May 08, 2017 8:24 pm

I'm going to say I am 100% uncomfortable what was discussed in chat. I don't want it touching this site OR to be discussed further in the chat. I understand that fiction is fiction, but there are certain things that should be delicately handled.

There are also things where I draw the hard line.

CDS is an adult forum that is supposed to be for fun. And I know that there is stuff that is written on here that I hope no one would act out IRL. As I said, fiction is fiction, and it is interesting to explore certain aspects of society and how it affects our character.

What you write in your own time is up to you & I can get passed that for the sake of keeping it fun & light hearted on here. As I said, I just don't want to see it being discussed and hosted on this site. And I hope it isn't hosted on any other open site, either.
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Blood Buddy

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PostSubject: Re: Content on CDS   Mon May 08, 2017 8:42 pm

I don't think anyone here believes that there aren't topics that should be delicately handled.

In fact, the reason why it was brought up in the chat was to make sure that everyone was comfortable because of the fact that it's a delicate topic.

Far before this post was made, it was concluded in the chat that the topics discussed would never be brought into CdS, so there's nothing to worry about.
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Blood Buddy

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PostSubject: Re: Content on CDS   Mon May 08, 2017 8:50 pm

That being said, I too have something that I am very uncomfortable with that I've been keeping my mouth shut over for a while now. But hey, while the topic is being discussed, might as well.

Fiction is fiction and I don't care what people read or write in their own time. But all the talk and fanart of the Captive Prince, a story where a man of color is sold and forced to be a sex slave to a "beautiful" white man, is seriously not okay with me.

Especially considering that the man of color is later forced to work together with his white master to survive and save his country.

Yeah, if somethings are going to be off topics, then I vote for this being one of them.
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PostSubject: Re: Content on CDS   

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Content on CDS
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