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All about Gabriel deGaulle

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Job: Servant Hobbies: flirting, hunting, painting, swimming, "socialising" (yes, I did just use that as an innuendo).
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Flirtatious, and loves socialising, but with a dark sense of humour and a character that can quickly turn black if angered. A bit of an attention-seeker, and underneath the confident exterior, he is quite insecure, and worried about getting hurt. Uses his flirtatiousness to his advantage when hunting, and sees humans as little more than food. He has a real bloodlust, but if he falls in love with someone, human or vampire, he cannot bring himself to kill them. Selfish, and a bit of a commitment-phobe, though at the same time, he always wants to have somebody. He is gay, however, he will flirt with females just for amusement. To everyone he is not romantically involved with, he is fun and sociable, unless he’s hungry, in which case HE BITES! Lol
Gabriel deGaulle
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