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 Swim Shorts and Confrontations

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Arzu Sijistani


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PostSubject: Swim Shorts and Confrontations    Sun Sep 23, 2012 8:51 am

Arzu sits curled up on her bed with a small spell book in her lap as she enjoys the silence. That comforting solitude she rarely is able to enjoy because she is normally surrounded by others, subjected to scrutiny. In this comfort she has her hair tired back in a long ponytail and she wears a belly shirt so that her many piercings can breathe. The nagging in the back of her brain has subsided to a low growl, the words on the pages before her fogging up the pestering voice, numbing over the usual pain.

This is why she loves books and magic, it provides her with a comforting blindfold if just for a little while, giving her time to survive just a little bit longer.

Though the imminent is unavoidable for it.

Her brow furrows slightly and she continues to read, taking in the information and letting it marinate in her mind.
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Swim Shorts and Confrontations
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