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 Raine Riverbreeze

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PostSubject: Raine Riverbreeze   Wed Aug 26, 2015 9:20 am

Note: I realized I combined Silverwing and Riverbreeze, hence the Silverbreeze. Silverwing belongs to another character of mine. I also don’t have a picture of her yet, I still need to find a person who does commissions. As for her looks I'm thinking similar to the 2011/2013 Cheetara build (with actual cat ears and tail) with the Lynx coloring. Once I get a picture, i will happily post it.

If anyone has a better idea for Mana, let me know. I was trying to fit her into her because I will miss the bi-plays. any questions feel free to ask, I'm not the greatest with profiles.


Name: Raine Riverbreeze  
Gender: female
Species: Catfolk (example of race: thundercats)

Physical Age:  18
Biological age: 16 (adult age for her)

Height: 4' 0”
Birthday: April 12th 1999 (if we are using rl dates)

Nationality: Eurasian Lynx?

Sexuality: Bi but doesn't know about her attraction to other females.

Pets: Calcifer,small fire elemental!

Raine can be very quiet and secretive, sometimes making her presence going unnoticed by others. Sometimes giving other the wrong impression her, typecasting her as the loner type. Once you get to know her, Raine is very kind and caring soul, who has a very curious nature to her. Her curiosity tends to get her in all kinds of situations and her moments of being oblivious tends to not make the situation any better.

Raine is also known for wanting to collect random and odd things that she comes across in her daily life.

Her heighten senses for her race and the abilities that comes with the territory of being a sorceress focusing on fire abilities.  

Raine has been traveling around the country and working on her magic studies, in hopes to see how close she can become a fire elemental. She really doesn't mention her family, its hard to say if they are alive or dead. For some odd reason Raine doesn't speak about where she originally came from. On a set of unfortunate events that led her to discover Cacciatori di Sangue, she fell to her curiosity and started to hang around to see what was driving her curiosity.  

Upon her journey, Raine came across an intelligent item named Mana and that's her raiper she carries with her.

- Any wolf and/or wolverine like creatures.
- Spiders of any size and variety, this triggers ptsd moments. Don't start the trigger if you don't want the place going up in flames.

Notes about her breed:
 - During the summer, the Eurasian lynx has a relatively short, reddish or brown coat, which tends to be more brightly coloured in animals living at the southern end of its range. In winter, however, this is replaced by a much thicker coat of silky fur that varies from silver-grey to greyish-brown. The underparts of the animal, including the neck and chin, are white at all times of the year. The fur is almost always marked with black spots, although the number and pattern of these is highly variable. Some animals also possess dark brown stripes on the forehead and back. Although spots tend to be more numerous in animals from southern populations, Eurasian lynx with heavily spotted fur may exist close to others with plain fur. That being said her looks will change through out season to keep Raine to her breed.

-If needed to know or comes up in some way or form, Raine does follow the mating seasons. It would be starting in January and ending in April
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Alyosha Belov

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PostSubject: Re: Raine Riverbreeze   Wed Aug 26, 2015 7:55 pm

Hi there! This is Bee, the founder of the group. There are a couple kinks in this that need ironing out before you can start RPing with Raine.

The first is her species. We're a little particular here about anthropomorphic creatures. As a general rule we've sort of avoided them here. In this group we're aiming for a sort of realistic representation; a world where Supernaturals exist side by side with humans without being noticed.

Can I suggest that we change Raine slightly to fit in with this? Perhaps have her as a shapeshifter. A person with a human appearance, that shapeshits into a Eurasian lynx? With this suggestion, she can still have some characteristics of the creature - like the cat-like behaviour that she exhibited in 'Curious One Enters' and the breeding periods you mentioned in this application. We have a few characters here that shapeshift into certain animals that take on some characteristics of that animal.

With this suggestion in mind, the height of the character and nationality would also need to be adjusted.
An average human height between about four foot ten and six foot ten would be more appropriate for a human-like appearance.
For the nationality, what nationality would the human-like appearance have? Would she have the nationality of the country that Eurasian lynxes are most commonly found in? Or in the country that the coven is based in? In that case, it would be Italian.

I see no problem with her pet, as long as you try not to copy Howls Moving Castle too much for Calcifer's personality! I realy love the idea of more elemental magic going on in these parts. A couple of characters here have those abilities.

There aren't any other problems I can see with the app, though. I know what I've suggested are really big things, but we would really appreciate if you could think about changing them. If you have any questions about any of this, or want to run compromise ideas by us, you can put questions in the chat box on the right hand side of the page, or send this character (Alyosha Belov) a private message with your queries.

Thanks for reading!
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Raine Riverbreeze
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